1. The Application for Employment Certificate is to be filled out by the student and signed by a parent or guardian. 

2. If this is your first work permit, have your employer fill out the Pledge of Employer form. If you have had a work permit from the Talawanda School District within the past year (from the date of the Physician’s Certificate), complete only the Pledge of Employer form and return it to the Talawanda High School Main Office. If it’s been longer than a year, you will need to have another physical performed by your doctor. 

3. The Physician’s Certificate must be filled out and signed by your doctor (or a clinic). If you have had a sports physical for the current school year, we will accept a copy of it from your school. Sports physicals may be obtained from the Athletic Office. 

4. Return ALL forms along with your Birth Certificate or Hospital Record or Driver’s License to the Talawanda High School Main Office, 5301 University Park Blvd, Oxford, OH 45056. 

5. The STUDENT must return the following day after turning in all the necessary forms to sign the official work permit and then return it to their employer. 

PLEASE NOTE: Students are not permitted to begin working unless the EMPLOYER has the signed work permit on file. 

Q: How much does a work permit cost? 

A: Nothing. They are free. 

Q: Is a work permit generic, i.e. a piece of paper that permits me to work anywhere? 

A: No. Work permits are specific to an employer. So, if you have two jobs, you will have two work permits, each one made out in the specific employer’s name. If you quit one job and obtain another one, you will need a new work permit. 

Q: Are the hours on my work permit my schedule? 

A: No. The hours on your work permit are only an example of the hours you may be working. Your employer determines your schedule. 

If you have any other questions, please call the Talawanda High School main office, 273-3200.