GRADUATION: Thursday, May 23, 2024 at 7 PM

2023 Graduatio - VIDEO LINK

2022 Graduation - Video Link


REMINDER- Senior Photos

  • Hello Senior Parents!  The senior portraits are due to the yearbook in March 2023.  Please follow common sense guidelines when giving us pictures and submit your picture in portrait format not horizontal/landscape.  In order to turn them in, follow these simple steps.

  1.  Choose the photo(s) you’d like for consideration in the yearbook.

  2.  Click on this link-

  3.  Upload your photo.

  4. Fill in your child’s name and enter important information and description.

Senior Fees

Seniors must return their Chromebook, have all school fees paid and other financial obligations (pay-to-participate, library fines, lost books, lost textbooks, athletic equipment, and uniforms, etc.) paid and/or returned in order to participate in commencement. Fees must be paid no later than May 17th. Personal checks will not be accepted after May 3rd—after that date, fees must be paid in cash or on EZ-Pay.