THS Parking Pass & Information:

The PARKING PASS APPLICATION is now open! Please note the following critical information below:

Parking spaces are limited. Availability will be based on the order of applications received with NO OUTSTANDING SCHOOL FEES. Students must have their driver’s license. No one with a temporary license will get a parking spot.  You will not receive your parking pass until your $100 fee is paid. This can be paid by cash or check in the high school main office. 

1. To apply for a parking permit, a student must:
-Have a valid Ohio Driver’s license
-Have completed their Final Forms information.  A pass will not be assigned until this is complete.

2. If another student is illegally parked in your assigned space, please:
-Park in a visitor's space only.
-Report the violation to the Main Office.
-Do not park in another student's assigned space.

3. The following conditions apply to student parking permits:
-Student parking permits are not transferable.
-No Student may use a permit registered to another student.
-Students may only park in their assigned parking spot. 
-If there is a change in license plate or vehicle, please report that immediately to the main office.
-If your permit is lost or stolen, you must report this to the Main Office.
-The permit must be displayed at all times while the vehicle is on THS property.
-The use of a falsified permit will result in disciplinary action for all students involved.

4. All school rules and regulations apply to your vehicle while on school grounds. The following regulations especially apply:
-If you are tardy to school 6 times you will lose your parking spot for the semester.
-Your vehicle cannot be used during the school day to transport you and/or other persons off the school grounds (this also includes lunch periods).
-Authorized personnel can search a vehicle on the Talawanda High parking lot if it is believed to contain contraband and/or items, which could be harmful or dangerous to the successful operation of the education process.
-Operation of the motor vehicle that is deemed to be reckless or unsafe while on school property will result in appropriate disciplinary action and potential loss of parking privilege.
-Violations of the code of conduct can result in immediate revocation of parking privileges.
-All drivers must comply with State of Ohio and City of Oxford motor vehicle regulations while on school property. Noncompliance will result in loss of parking privilege.

5. If for any reason parking privileges are revoked for rule violations, no refunds will be granted.

6. Talawanda City Schools is not responsible for any theft, vandalism, or damage to any vehicle or its contents while parked on school property. All students park at their own risk.

7. Students are expected to report any inappropriate parking, assigned space violations, or unauthorized visitors to the Main Office ASAP.

Drop-off & Pick-up Maps/Directions:


Drop off Zone