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Talawanda Diversity Team:

Talawanda District Diversity Team 

These members will serve two-year terms and will represent their committees at the quarterly district-level meetings.

Building Administrators: 

Members will represent both Elementary and Secondary and will reduce to two positions effective Fall 2022 

  • Elementary Administrator: Molly Merz (Fall 2021-Spring 2023)

  • Secondary Administrator(s): Wes Cole (Fall 2022-Spring 2024)


Board Office Administration: 

  • Stephanie Jones, Director of Student Services (Fall 2022-Spring 2024)


School Board Members: 

  • Kathleen Knight-Abowitz, School Board Member (Fall 2022-Spring 2024)


Health Coordinating Council: 

  • Kelley Franks, Social Worker (Fall 2022-Spring 2024)


Secretary / Communications:

  • Holli Hansel, Director of Communications & Public Engagement


TSD Staff: 

  • Bogan Elementary: Laura Packert(Fall 2021-Spring 2023)

  • Kramer Elementary: Kelsey Sams (Fall 2022-Spring 2024)

  • Marshall Elementary: Kari Croucher (Fall 2021-Spring 2023)

  • Talawanda Middle School: Beth Fryer (Fall 2022-Spring 2024)

  • Talawanda High School: Mary Schulte (Fall 2022-Spring 2024)


Community Stakeholders:

Representation will be one community/parent member from each region beginning Fall 2022


City of Oxford 

  • Tana Richards  (Fall 2022-Spring 2024) 

Hanover Township

  • Teresa El Abbassi   (Fall 2022-Spring 2024) 

Oxford Township

  • Norma Penncok (Fall 2023-Spring 2025)

Reily Township

  • Nikki Williams (Fall 2022-Spring 2024)  

Milford Township

  • TBD