TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017

Marshall Parent Teacher Group Meeting Minutes
Tuesday May 16, 2017 7:00 PM
Marshall School Cafeteria
Call Meeting to Order at 7:00
Executive Board Members:
President: Randall Stigall
Vice President: Courtney Stigall
Secretary: Kelli Chenoweth
Co-Treasurers: Danette Hickey and Alice Seeger
Box Tops: Amy Krausher
Mayfest: Emily Lykins and Betsy Beaton
Kids Night Out: Stephanie Ruehl
COSI on Wheels: Savannah Mayer
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week – Krista Stenger
 Treasurer Report – Dannette Hickey
o Balance as of 16 May 2017 is $12,294.56
 COSI on Wheels
o Danielle McMiggle has volunteered to coordinate this event next year.
o Deposit for next year is due in July
 Box Tops: Amy Krausher
o Box top proceeds down from last year
o Would like to emphasize this program next year.
o Contact Mrs. Fitzgerald at THS for a possible coop with her class to help with box tops
 Teacher Appreciation Week
o Thanks to Krista Stenger and Sarah Kitchen for a fantastic week!
 Mayfest
o Mayfest details are coming together
o Volunteer slots are filling up
Planning for the 2017-2018 School Year
o VIP Day
 Another great turn out
 Suggest clarification of VIP arrival time
 This would be a great opportunity to advertise the great things the PTG does at the school and
recruit volunteers
o Jim “Basketball” Jones Update
 Feedback from students and parents about this assembly was great.
 PTG will work with Mr. Hinton to set a date for the assembly for the 2017-2018 school year.
Funding Requests:
 Marsha McQueen requests $1200 for lids for kids tables, only if grant from Oxford Community Foundation is not
o Mrs. Hickey motions to approve the request
o Kelli Chenoweth seconds the motion
o Motion approved by majority
 Mrs. Dyer requests $195.72 for Dina Math Program
o This is a magazine and online program
o Online feature tracks students progress to help facilitate various developmental levels
o Vote is tabled until more information can be obtained from Mrs. Dyer regarding this program
 Mrs. Krausher, Mrs. Seeger, and Mrs, Hickey (first grade Teachers) request $117 per class ($351 total) for Raz Kids
Accelerated Reader Program
o Courtney Stigall motions to approve the request
o Danielle McMiggle seconds the motion
o Motion approved
 Mr. Birch requests $63.07 for new hop sacks, tennis balls, and general award ribbons to use for field day.
o Mrs. McQueen motions to approve the request
o Emily Kuhn seconds the motion
o Motion approved
 Mrs. Richardson requests funding for six large containers of bubbles and one piece of allergy safe bubble gum for
each Marshall student to use at a field day station
o Motion to approve a maximum of $80.00 for requested items
o Motion approved
Election of Officers
 President – Randall Stigall
 Vice President – Courtney Stigall
 Secretary – Kelli Chenoweth
 Treasurer – Danette Hickey and Alice Seeger
 Mayfest – Mrs. Lykins and Ms. Beaton (looking for a replacement for next year)
Open Forum: Informal Questions or concerns from the audience members and/or new ideas
Meeting adjournment 8:00