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THS Enews 10/16/20

Posted on: October 16, 2020

Talawanda High School E-News - October 16, 2020


Dear Parents,

It is an understatement to say that we are in an unprecedented time in all our lives. Talawanda School District leadership has determined that now is the time to give families the option of sending their children to school with a face to face (f2f) option. The day after that decision was made the staff at Talawanda High School set to work to transition students back into the f2f environment. 


There have been exhaustive discussions concerning how to do this and keep staff and students as safe as possible. The school environment, coming back, is totally different than it was when students last entered the building in March. We want to share the major points of those changes with you. You may also see the full document by opening the link THS- Return to School Plan- Face-to-Face Learning Handbook


The very first considerations are what you will find in October 20th Back to School - THS document:


Guiding Principles for Schools During the COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Distance:  As much social distancing as possible.
  • Time:  Spend as little time close together as possible. Minimize visitors.
  • Hygiene:  Keep hands clean with frequent washing and hand sanitizer.
  • Cleaning:  Clean surfaces often, between people.
  • Face Coverings:  Keep nose and mouth secretions to yourself by wearing face coverings at all times while on campus.
  • Screen:  Parents/students need to check daily temperatures before coming in the building, and do symptom checks for those working/entering the building.



Every expectation and procedure is meant to follow the CDC Guidelines for Duration, Distance and Diversity, providing for the least exposure time (Duration), smallest concentration of students and staff (Diversity), and spatial separation (Distance).


Home screening of your student is extremely important in the routine of preparing to go to school each day. Temperature checks prior to leaving for school each day are imperative. Students who arrive at school with Covid symptoms, in particular fever, will be placed in our “Care Room”, immediately. (Covid Assessment Response Evaluation) Contact will be made with someone from home to come pick up their child to take them home.


Face masks are mandatory for all persons. Students are expected to wear masks to school and during the day and on the bus. Staff will attempt to create an environment that will allow “mask breaks” during the day.  Any student refusing to follow the Face Mask rule will be assigned to return back to our Remote Learning  environment. 


Exterior doors to the school will be programmed to open promptly at 7:30 am. Please plan car drop off accordingly, especially as the temperatures begin to fall.


When students enter the building they are expected to go immediately to their 1st period class or if they eat breakfast, to pick up breakfast, eat first and then go to class. Food cannot be taken to class because masks must be worn in the classroom and as students walk from the cafeteria to their classroom.


Lunch will occur over 4 lunch times during the 5th period of the day. This change is needed to distance students following guidelines. Students will be assigned seats in the cafeteria during lunch to facilitate Contact Tracing, necessary following a positive test for Covid 19. Students will be spread throughout the cafeteria and the main gym floor. We have purchased an adequate number of tables for students to use in the gym.


Restroom breaks will be scheduled by teachers throughout the day. The schedule for RR Breaks is in the October 20th Return to School document. Individual considerations for any student will also be made during the day as well. 


Departing school at the end of the day will require all students to leave the building immediately. Those students who have athletic events scheduled at 3:00pm should report immediately to that location after their 7th period class.  Any student with practice schedules later in the afternoon and evening will need to go home and return for their practice when scheduled.


Cooperation, flexibility and a concern for the whole is imperative in these next weeks and months. Students who find it difficult to closely follow expectations will be removed from their face to face experience and resume their education through remote learning.  We firmly believe that the closer we follow and adhere to the guidelines we have been given to slow the spread of Covid 19, the longer we will be able to give our kids as many opportunities for as close a  “normal” school experience as we can.




Tom York  







  • TMS & THS Wednesday Food Distribution: Any student who is attending school in person may pick up 1 breakfast and 1 lunch on Wednesdays between 9-10 am for free! Click the link for more information.


  • 1st quarter grades will be going out to our students here in the building on Friday, 10/23.   All grades will be posted to Progress book so our remote learners will have access from there.


  • Attention Seniors:  THS is partnering with Miami University to provide families with a FAFSA workshop.  This free event will provide you the opportunity to work one-on-one with a financial aid expert from Miami University who will assist you with completing the FAFSA and interpreting your results. You can simply click on the link here to register and select the date and time that works for you.  You will then receive a confirmation email with a list of items that you will need to have ready for the appointment. 


**Important-  Prior to the event, please create a separate FSA ID for both the student and one of the parent so that the FAFSA form can be electronically signed.  We recommend that you register only with either a cell phone number or a non-Talawanda email address (don't register with both).  We have attached a form that we recommend you use to help remember your login information as you will need this information each year that your child is enrolled in post-secondary education.  The FSA ID should be created at fsaid.ed.govHere is a video tutorial to help you through the process. Please reach out to your School Counselor if you need assistance!


  • Dear THS Students and Families, Talawanda High School has partnered with Torch Prep, an innovative test prep program, to offer our students a free practice ACT test.  This test will be given on November 14 from 10AM- 2PM at THS. Please go here to register.



  • The Ohio Department of Education is inviting parents of children with an IEP or who receives special services to fill out a short survey. The survey can be found here.


  • Veterans: In the past you have attended the Talawanda HS Veterans Day Breakfast, this year due to the circumstances we are not able to hold the breakfast at THS.  The Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) wanted to still recognize our Veterans.  We have purchased signs for your front yard, and FCCLA members will be putting them up the week before Veterans Day.  It is a small token of our appreciation.  We hope to be back at THS next year with a great breakfast and assembly.  If you know of any other Veterans in the Talawanda School District please pass this on or fill one out for them.  


  • We need your help with the yearbook! Upload your pictures for the 20-21 yearbook. We want to see what online school looks like! All photos will be approved before inclusion in the yearbook. https://images.jostens.com/415713950


  • Talawanda-Butler Tech FCCLA Talawanda Spirit Wear Sale:  Items will make great gifts for the holidays! 



  • FFA Fruit Sales begin Oct. 8th and run through Nov. 11th.



THS CALENDAR OF Events- 10/18/20 to 10/24/20


Sunday, October 18th

No events scheduled


Monday, October 19th

Fall Break - No School!


3 – 4pm Setting Stone Meeting, Virtual

7 – 9pm Mock Trial, Virtual


Tuesday, October 20th

First Day of Face to Face Instruction! Remember our new start time of 7:45!


3 – 4pm Talawanda Tribune, Virtual

4 – 5 pm Weekly Food Distribution, THS Main Entrance


Wednesday, October 21st

All day - Chipotle Fundraiser


11am – 12pm Talawanda Hope Club, Virtual

2 – 3pm Best Buddies, Virtual

3 – 5pm Mock Trial, Virtual

6 – 7pm Environment & Natural Science Club, Virtual


Thursday, October 22nd

No events scheduled


Friday, October 23rd

No events scheduled


Saturday, October 24th

No events scheduled