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REMINDER for Incoming 12th Grade Students- Immunizations

Posted on: May 15, 2023

Dear Parent/Guardian: 


The purpose of this is to inform and remind you of immunization requirements that will impact upcoming 12th grade students. In the fall of 2022, all parents/guardians were mailed a letter regarding the Meningococcal vaccine. Students entering 12th grade are required to have a booster (second) dose of meningococcal conjugate vaccine if they have not already received one. An up-to-date immunization record indicating that your student has received all required immunizations is due by the first day of attendance at school. If proof of immunization is not provided within 30 calendar days after school entry, your student will not be allowed to attend school until it is provided, as required by law. 


Ohio law provides for three types of exemptions from required immunizations. These exemptions are medical, religious and reasons of conscience. If your child has an exemption to this vaccine(s), you are required to provide documentation of this exemption(s). Please complete the Talawanda exemption request form.  The superintendent makes the final decision regarding vaccine excusal requests.


If there is an outbreak of disease and/or the health department states students who are not vaccinated from that specific disease must not come to school until the outbreak is resolved, students who have been excused from a certain vaccine may be prohibited from attending school.  We would contact the parent or legal guardian if this prohibition from attending school is needed.


Please contact your health care provider or local health department if your child needs this vaccine. For additional information about the vaccine, the disease it protects against, and other recommended vaccines your teen may need, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website at


As always, we want to ensure a safe and healthy school atmosphere and environment.


If you have any questions, please contact Taylor Bystrom BSN, RN at or call Talawanda High School 513-273-3200. It is advised to not wait until the last minute, clinics are much busier in the summer and fall with back-to-school appointments.