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ODH-Quarantine Alternatives- Recommendations

Posted on: October 26, 2021
Talawanda recently received the updated recommendations regarding Covid-19 protocols from the Ohio Department of Health.  These recommendations seem to provide some additional ways in which to provide in-person learning in public schools in Ohio for students that may have been exposed to Covid-19 in our schools, while still taking precautions to keep students and staff at a low risk of exposure to the Covid-19 virus.  Students will be permitted to eat  together during breakfast and lunch sessions, but masks will still be required immediately before and after eating.  We will continue to monitor Covid-19 risks/exposures/cases, and should the number of cases increase these recommendations may change. We will continue to monitor person to person direct contact to reduce the risk of exposures.  It is the goal of everyone to keep students and staff healthy.  The recommendations provide ways for exposed students to stay in school/school classrooms if specific guidelines are met, and to allow students that have been exposed but do not show symptoms to stay in extra-curriculars if they adhere to the recommended testing protocols.  Covid-19 tests must be proctored tests or done in a medical facility, pharmacy, or physician's office.
Please remember that the CDC has a federal mask mandate in place for school buses, the city of Oxford has a city wide mask ordinance in place, and the TSD Board of Education requires masks to be worn inside TSD facilities.  
Thank you for your continued understanding and support as we all work to best manage school issues related to the pandemic.  We continue to be in near constant communication with the Butler County Health Department and will continue to follow their direction as our local county health authority.  We will notify school personnel and families as soon as possible should there be any changes to Covid-19 information and protocols.
Holli Morrish
Director of Communications & Public Engagement