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Marshall Enews 9/28/18

Posted on: September 27, 2018

Why would any state do this to itself?

Imagine this. You are a Midwestern state that lost thousands of industrial and other jobs in the past 20 years. But you are digging yourself out. You have a governor whose slogan is that the state is “open for business.” Your Jobs and Family Services agency offices answer with “Ohio Means Jobs.” You cut business and personal taxes.

On the employment front your capital city is one of the finalists for the second Amazon headquarters, which means around 50,000 good-paying tech jobs. Several regions have seen improved employment markets to the point that the state needs to attract, by some predictions, over 2 million new residents just to keep up with demand for employees.

But amid this potentially promising future you put out a report that says your public schools cannot prepare students for success.

What state would do that to itself?

Ohio has.