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Marshall Enews 1/26/18

Posted on: January 26, 2018

Marshall Elementary Weekly E-News

January 26, 2018


A Safe, Organized, Accountable, and Respectful Community


The mission of Marshall Elementary is to work as a community to achieve higher levels of thinking and learning by empowering every learner everyday.


School News and Information

After School Foreign Language Classes began on Tuesday, January 28th.  Classes will be held after school from 4:05 until 4:55.  


During the winter months we try to have outdoor recess when possible so please send students to school with coats, hats, and gloves so they have them if they need them.  If the temperature, with or without wind chill, drops below 25 degrees then recess is held indoors.


Kindergarten registration is right around the corner.  We have put together some information on the Talawanda website.  Talawanda is happy to announce that there will be no charge for full day kindergarten starting for the 2018-19 school year.  Please look for additional information regarding scheduling a registration/screening appointment in future E-news.


Upcoming Dates

2/2 - Miami Savings Banking Day

2/8 - Jim Basketball Jones Assembly 10:00 AM

2/15 - No School - Marshall ONLY - Staff Training (Information Below)

2/16 - No School

2/19 - No School - President’s Day

2/21 - Spring Pictures

2/21 - Bookmobile

2/27 - 5th Grade Field Trip to Greenacres Arts Center


Stay Connected with Marshall

Facebook   -  Marshall Elementary - Oxford, Ohio

Twitter  -  @TSDMarshall

Instagram  -  TSDMarshall


Updating Student Information

This year you completed forms electronically and now that we are into the school year we have received some questions about how to update information.  Simply log back into Final Forms using the email and password you created and make the changes you need.  If you forgot email or password click forgot email or forgot password and follow the prompts.

Need to update a phone number or address - Go to the Contact Form

Need to update your pick up list - Go to the Transportation Form


4 Attachments Below




Marshall Elementary School has received grant funding to provide training and materials on the PAX Good Behavior Game, PAX for short, to our entire staff.  This is a great opportunity for our students, school, and community.  PAX teaches students self-regulation, self-control, and self-management in context of collaborating with others for peace, productivity, health and happiness.  


How does the Pax Good Behavior Game help students be students?


The Game teaches students to “flip on” their internal focus switch, required for any learning. It teaches students how to work toward valued goals, and teaches them how to cooperate with each other to reach those goals. Students learn how to self-regulate during both learning and fun. Students learn how to delay gratification for a bigger goal. And, the Game protects students against lifetime mental, emotional, behavioral, and related physical illnesses for their futures. PAX GBG also significantly improves multiple measures of academic success such as reading test scores, high-school graduation and university entry.


Summary of the immediate benefits that teachers and students will experience:


Benefits in the classroom…..

  • Major improvement in engaged learning by students.

  • 60-90 minute more time to teach and learn each day.

  • 75-125 fewer disruptions per hour in classes.

  • Improved benchmark scores that predict success on standardized tests.

  • 20%-30% less need for special education.

  • Improved family life because of children's improvements at school.

  • Improved benefits of other prevention efforts.

Reductions in deviant and criminal behaviors……

  • A 30% to 60% reduction in referrals, suspensions or expulsions.

  • Significant reduction in lifetime juvenile and adult criminal acts.

Increased mental health……

  • 50% - 70% reduction in mental health difficulties (e.g., ADHD and conduct symptoms).

  • A 10% to 30% reduction injuries or stress related complaints.

  • Reduction in directly observable symptoms of ADHD such as inattention and fidgeting, even for children not on medication.

  • Reduction in observable symptoms of Oppositional Defiance and Conduct Disorders, whether or not the child is in therapy or the family is receiving interventions.

  • Reduction in the manifest symptoms of depression or PTSD.

Substance Use Prevention…..

  • 25% to 50% reduction in use of tobacco or other drugs over a child’s lifetime.


In order to hold a full day training for the entire staff the students at Marshall Elementary School will not report to school on Thursday February 15, 2018.


Thank you for your understanding and support as we continue to provide each child with a positive learning environment at Marshall.