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Calamity Days/Winter Weather Reminders

Posted on: November 4, 2021

Inclement Weather/Delays/School Closings:


As colder weather begins...please take a moment to update your child's Final Forms if any of your contact information has changed.  It is important as we move towards a time of year when we may have school delays and or closings that we have accurate contact data.  We encourage all families to have an alternate child care plan (Plan B) in place for when inclement weather, delays, or closings occur.


This year, we plan to move back to traditional snow days. The first five snow or calamity days will not be made up.  If TSD reaches more than 5 calamity or snow days, our students will have "remote learning days" (starting day 6 and beyond).  Our teaching staff will plan lessons/reading/homework with directions that can be completed at home on those days. 


TSD makes decisions regarding delays and closures typically by 5:00am. We will communicate this information via local media outlets, social media, and direct communication through our all-call service (calls/emails/texts). 


As a reminder, there will be two main options for a school delay or closure. We will institute a 2-hour delay or a full closure. In the event of a 2-hour delay, AM Pre-School will be canceled. All other students should report 2 hours after their normal start time and school will still dismiss at the regularly scheduled time (please note that a delay on a Wednesday results in a dismissal time that is at the regularly scheduled time unless otherwise indicated). Early dismissal is rare, but it could happen. We will contact families via our website, radio/television, social media, and our all-call service (calls/emails/texts).


Please have a Plan B in place.  It is important to make sure each child knows and understands your family’s Plan B.  We want all of our students to be safe during these times.


Thank you.