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TSD Lunch Debt Policy

Posted on: November 8, 2022

Charge Policy: Outstanding Lunch Balances


Students may only borrow for reimbursable meals, breakfast and/or lunch.  Students are expected to repay this charge within the next school day, with a maximum of $10 outstanding.

  1. If a student has met their maximum charge and if they appear at the register with a full
    meal, the meal will not be thrown away, but a referral will be made to the school
    counselor, SAP Coordinator and or building administrator.  The students’ home will be contacted regarding the charge.  The first home contact is not regarded as a discipline issue.  The contact to the home will be made for the purpose of determining if the family is aware of the free and reduced lunch program.  


  1. In grades K-12 for students that fail to repay meal charges, and continue to appear at the
    register with a full meal, the student will be referred to the school administration. The
    administration will check to be sure that a previous phone call was made to the home in regard to the lunch charge.  A second phone call will be made to the home, informing the family of the outstanding charge. The student and the parent will continue to be notified until the payment is received by the cafeteria and the students account has been made whole.  


  1. Students that owe cafeteria charges will be provided a lunch that consist of all of the required food groups.  

  2. Students that fail to follow the above steps in the guideline, once instructed to do so by the school administration or intentionally steal food from the cafeteria will be subject to the school discipline code of conduct. Failure to repay school meal charges at the end of the school year, the charge will be included as a school fee and carried over to the next school year. High School Seniors must pay all school fees in order to participate in the high school graduation program.

It is not our intent to deny a student breakfast or lunch but the Talawanda School District is
financially responsible for every meal served. Our food and nutrition department is self-sufficient and is not supported by the general fund.  Any and all outstanding charges need to be paid.