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TMS Investigation

Posted on: May 9, 2023






May 9, 2023

Talawanda Staff & Parents:


I’m writing today in regard to information and misinformation that is being passed around on social media and in some news publications, in regard to an issue that the district is working on.


A report involving two minors, both TMS students, was made to the district.  I want to make clear that the students are minor aged children, and that no adults were involved in the report.  The information was not reported during the school day.  It takes time to gather the facts, work with the relevant departments, administrators and inform parents, especially when an issue of this nature comes to our attention outside of school time.  


Separate from Talawanda’s preliminary investigation, was a complaint made to local authorities.  We have been informed that local law enforcement is also investigating this report.  I want to make clear that at this point a report has been made, no charges have been filed, and the report has not been proved.


There are special legal identifications and circumstances in regard to this investigation that have and are impacting the process and timing of this investigation.  It was determined this afternoon that the district will proceed with a Title IX investigation.  Keep in mind that Title IX laws have recently changed and therefore the investigation process has changed.


Please know that Talawanda will and does inform parents of students directly involved in a report and or investigation.  Talawanda will not share information of this nature with the greater community until the relevant parents have been contacted, the relevant departments that work on issues of this nature have conducted their work, and the district has adhered to and met their legal obligations.  Please keep in mind that the primary objective is always to protect students, provide student safety, and protect the identities and confidentiality of students.  Had there been any risk to other students, the district would have first acted to protect students, and then informed parents.  The issue at hand involves ONLY 2 students.  Talawanda cannot control when parents or people in the community talk about or share information.  Talawanda can only and will only adhere to district policies and state and federal law in regard to issues of this nature.


Thank you for your consideration and understanding.  


Holli Hansel

Director of Communications