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Tier 1 Transportation Update

Posted on: April 13, 2023

TSD Important Update:  Tier 1 Transportation- Grades K-8


  • Busing is for Grades K-8 ONLY

  • TSD contracts bus service with Petermann Transportation.  TSD has been informed that there are rumors that bus drivers will be cut due to the financial crisis.  TSD is under contract for the 2023-24 school year with the company, and all bus drivers will keep their jobs next year.

  • The Butler Tech Shuttle (BT) will leave from Marshall.  BT students who wish to park at Marshall will need a parking pass for Marshall.

  • No transportation for students in Grades 9-12 (including private/parochial) and no transportation for students living within a two mile radius of the school.

  • ALL families MUST sign up for bus transportation (K-8) starting now through June 8, 2023.  Forms are located at each school as well as at the transportation office.  If a family does not sign up the student will not receive bus services.  SEE FORM HERE

  • Transportation will mail the final bus routes to families around August 4.  Parents should have a plan B ready.  Families who live within 2 miles need to have a transportation plan in place.  High school students also need a plan as there will not be transportation for grades 9-12.

  • Preschool Schedule:  Morning- 8-11am & Afternoon- 12:15-3:15pm

  • The start and end times have been changed to…









AM Anchor






Bell One













Total Student HRS

7hr 15min

7hr 15min

7hr 15min

6hr 45min

6hr 40min


  • To School:   K-8 students will be picked up and go to the elementary school first.  After unloading the elementary students, the students in grades 6-8 will go to TMS.

  • Going Home:  TMS students (Grades 6-8) will be picked up first.  Those students will ride to the elementary building.  Elementary students will load onto the buses.  The K-8 buses will then drop students off at home.

  • There still will only be 1 AM and 1 PM address allowed.

  • The total time on the bus has been increased from a maximum of 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

  • As routes change throughout the year (same process as we currently do) , updates to the bus route lists on our website will be made.  

  • Buses will be full with students who live outside the 2 mile no transportation zone.

  • There will NOT be an early release Wednesday any more.  Wednesdays will be regular school days.

  • PK-2 students must have an adult present at the bus stop to receive the child.  If a student has an older sibling, the parent may submit a written request to allow the PK-2 student to walk with an older sibling.  We will be working on having PK-2 students transported to another site if no adult is present to pick up the student.  The parent will be required to pick the student up at this location.  If a parent is not present 2 or more times for the Pk-2 student, the student may lose his/her bus transportation for the rest of the year. We need parents or an adult present. This is a huge safety issue.  More details will come out next school year as to where the students will be picked up if there is no adult present for the PK-2 students.

  • In response to community concerns regarding the 1 tiered busing, we changed the start/ends times to address these concerns.

  • There will NOT be a Y- Latch Key at the middle school due to the new changes.  The Y-Latch Key may offer before and after care services (for a cost) if there are enough students signed up.  Currently, only Kramer has had enough interest and sign-ups.  If families are interested, please contact the Y directly.

  • Inter and Intra District:  There will be NO transportation at all for Open Enrollment students and students attending a different elementary building (except mandated special education students).  This also includes no transportation from a bus stop or from a babysitter within Talawanda School District.