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Statement & Timeline Regarding Allegations Against a TMS Teacher- Title IX Investigation

Posted on: July 7, 2022

Official Timeline & Statement Regarding Allegations Against a TMS Teacher and the Associated Title IX Investigation:


There was a complaint made against a TMS staff member in early December 2021 triggering a Title IX investigation. Talawanda School District followed all procedures required to conduct an investigation, including timelines established within the Title IX federal law. 


The administration placed the teacher on paid administrative leave during this investigation. The police were contacted and then opened their own investigation, which is still open at this point in time. 


As the investigation started, two additional and former students of Talawanda, submitted complaints against the same teacher. The investigation was amended to include the two additional complaints and then consolidated into one investigation.  This resulted in additional time required to complete the Title IX investigation. 


During the process, all parties were provided copies of the reports, as well as apprised of the process required to be followed by federal law. The Title IX decision was made by an outside attorney who was not the Talawanda Board of Education's attorney. 


In two of the three complaints, the decision maker found, by a preponderance of the evidence, that the teacher engaged in misconduct in violation of Talawanda School Board policy. The teacher filed an appeal of the decision maker's decision. A different attorney reviewed the evidence on appeal and upheld the first decision maker's decision. Following receipt of the appellate decision, the teacher submitted a resignation which the Board of Education approved this evening. 


Personally-identifiable student information exists in the aforementioned investigation reports that legally cannot be shared publicly without the consent of the parents or eligible student. However, the Superintendent has reported this matter to the Ohio Department of Education for investigation into whether the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) should take disciplinary action on this now former employee’s teaching license. 


The report of this matter to ODE has been placed in this individual’s personnel file, as required by law. The Superintendent also has provided evidence gathered in this investigation to the police. It is important to remember that as a District, all school board policies, as well as state and federal law were followed to the letter. 


Attorneys were also involved throughout the process, which at times lengthened the time in completing this process. It is critical to be thorough in matters of this nature.  The Superintendent of Schools has provided information at many school board meetings explaining that while Title IX is not new, there have been recent changes to the law and how investigations, timelines, and processes must now be followed. In order to clear up any confusion and disinformation, it is important to share this process, the work conducted and completed, and what will happen in the future in regard to this case and investigations that fall under the Title IX federal law and TSD school board policies.