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COVID19 Test Kits & Other Information:

Posted on: September 23, 2021

COVID19 Test-Kit Information & Resources:


Please review the requirements below that have been approved for COVID19 test kits by BCHD/ODH.  Additional information can be found on the TSD website at the link here.


  1. Can students and staff be tested on day 5, 6, or 7 and return to school if the individual tests negative for COVID19?


Most likely yes.  The individual would need to have an approved test performed, test negative on day 5, 6, or 7, not have any COVID19 symptoms, and provide the documentation of the approved negative test result to the nurse or administrator.  After contacting BCHD, the nurse or administrator will contact the individual to let the individual know if he or she can return back to school on day 8.


  1. Do I have to pay for a COVID19 test?  


Maybe.  If you go to your own physician or to a clinic, you may need to pay for the test.  Talawanda School District has some approved tests that you may use for free.  Lane Library (Drive Through) has some free and approved tests.


  1. Can I use a COVID19 test that I purchase at a store?


No. The COVID19 tests must be approved by the health department.  The home tests must be proctored by a health official (such as TeleHealth).  Home tests are videotaped to ensure the test is accurately performed, has the correct individual, and is not tampered with so the results are accurate.


  1. What do I need in order to perform an approved COVID19 home test?


You will need a SMARTPHONE that can download the required app for TeleHealth or other approved agency.  You also will need to be able to videotape the entire process including the wait time for the result to be finished.  Directions are established on each test kit.  Follow all directions on the test kit.   


  1.  Will I get a certification if the COVID19 test is either positive or negative? 


Yes, if it is an approved COVID19 test.  You would then show that test result to our nurse or administrator.  


  1. How long do the COVID19 test results last?


Unfortunately, the approved COVID19 test results only last for that day and that time.  Individuals could come into contact with COVID19 and test positive after the negative test result.


  1.  Can my child take the approved COVID19 test each time he or she is quarantined (not positive) on day 5 or later?


Yes.  Unfortunately, students and staff may come into direct contact with COVID19 and may be quarantined or isolated by BCHD more than once.  An individual may take the test on day 5 or later.  It must be an approved test.  The individual must not be positive or have COVID19 symptoms.

  1. What if I have other questions?


Reach out to the nurse or administration.  


*Each decision is a unique decision.  There could be conditions that change resulting in different decisions.  It is important to follow all health department orders.  Please keep ill children home so that we can stop the spread of COVID19, decrease the quarantines by BCHD, and keep our schools open to in person learning.


**Butler County Health Department makes all final decisions and orders.