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Bogan Special Enews 3/27/2020

Posted on: March 27, 2020

Bogan Elementary Weekly E-News

March 27, 2020


School News and Information

Happy Friday!  I hope that you were able to enjoy the nice weather the past couple of days and get outside in your yard.  This is certainly a new experience for almost all of us. Since the last E-News we have had a few changes. We had the official state order to Stay at Home and the state legislature provided more flexibility for schools by eliminating state testing and allowing us to use online learning days to make up any missed days of instruction.  On Monday we continue with our Home Learning Days. Please let your teacher know if you had issues during the first 3 days. This week will be a full week of home learning and we want to see all students engaged in the learning activities. Thank you for continuing the learning going on at home! 


On a fun note - next week we will celebrate an online spirit week.  You can take pictures and email them to your child’s teacher or comment on the Bogan Facebook Post each day.



Student Meal Program Flyer **New Dates and Times**


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Health and Safety


For resources on addressing the coronavirus please visit:


During this time away from school please stay at home, cover your coughs using your elbow, avoid the touching of your eyes, nose and mouth, and wash your hands frequently.  The purpose of this closure is to slow the spread of the virus and this can only be done if each of us takes a few extra precautions. This also means not using the school grounds as a place to gather and play - our playgrounds and schools grounds are closed.  Be safe and stay healthy.


5th Grade Parents ONLY:

To plan schedules for TMS, please click the link below to indicate which music class your rising 6th grader would prefer.


AR Update

If you were unable to access AR please try again.  The company needed to release the test to be given outside of the school network and it should work now.


Select: I'm a student

Students login just like they do at school:

username:  "student ID"@tsd. (example,  431111@tsd)

password: STAR1


WiFi hotspots are still on backorder so if we have not been able to connect you with one you may want to try some of the options that various companies are offering for free.  Just remember to cancel when the offer expires. 


As an option you may drive to school and park near the building and access the schools’ WiFi from your car on your school provided device.  Just remember to stay in your car. While school is closed you are not to be gathering at school - this also means not playing on the playground or equipment.  

Staff Email Addresses

Mr. Winslow- Principal-

Kelley Franks- School Social Worker-

Laura Packert- School Counselor-


Fine Arts

Ms. Pitts-

Mr. Mitchell-

Mrs. Krimmer-



Ms. Currier-

Mrs. Davidson-

Mrs. Williams-


1st Grade

Mrs. Marshall-

Mrs. Meyers-

Mrs. Morris-


2nd Grade

Mrs. Milders-

Mrs. Parrish-

Ms. Schuppie-


3rd Grade

Mrs. Lindley-

Mrs. Morris-

Ms. Petro-


4th Grade

Mr. Farmer-

Mrs. Haskins-

Mrs. Hathaway-


5th Grade

Mrs. Hensley-

Mr. Leadbetter-

Mrs. Wagner-

Upcoming Dates

3/30 to 4/2 - Online Learning Days

4/6 - School Resumes (Expected Date)