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Bogan Enews 5/15/20

Posted on: May 15, 2020

Bogan Elementary Weekly E-News

May 15, 2020


School News and Information


Student Materials Pickup

On Tuesday May 19, 2020, Bogan Elementary staff will be at school to provide pickup for materials that were left in student desks and cubbies.  These items have been bagged and labeled for each student to allow for a no contact drop-off to your car.  When you arrive, please remain in your car.   Please tell the staff member your child(ren) name and teacher name.  The staff member will retrieve the material and bring it to your car.  A piece of paper with student names and teacher names held up in the window will speed up the process. We hope that Spring Pictures and School Yearbooks will be available for pickup that day.  


Also on that day, we will have a bin/cart for you to drop off Bogan Library books.  Your teacher may or may not ask you to drop off items.  Please label all items with student names.


Please use social distancing guidelines during this time.  Please remain in your car.  Masks would be appreciated if you have masks available.  To spread out the flow of people, we are suggesting the following schedule, however, please come at the time that works for you.  


7:00-9:00am- Open Early Pick Up

9:00-10:00am- Last Names A-C

10:00-11:00am- Last names D-H

11:00-12:00pm Last names I-M

12:00- 1:00pm Last names N-R

1:00pm-2:00pm Last names S-Z


Feel free to contact me with any questions or needs. I can be reached at


Yearbook Update

Lifetouch sent the following update to Bogan.  As soon as we know when we are receiving the yearbooks, we will communicate with everyone.


We wanted to make you aware that due to COVID-19, we have had government-mandated shut-downs in some of our production facilities and social distancing protocols in others that have reduced our capacity for printing yearbooks. Be assured that everyone who ordered a yearbook will receive one. However, the delivery of your yearbook may be delayed. 


We are working hard to produce your yearbook and closely monitoring the progress. A representative from Lifetouch will contact your school requesting shipping instructions. We won't know the exact timing of each book, but we are working through a process and will contact you again when we have tracking information which can verify that your yearbook has left our facility.


Kindergarten Registration

We started collecting information about Kindergarten for next year before the school closings.  If we have not taken your information yet and you have a child who will turn 5 before August 1, please complete this form and we will email you a link to FinalForms, our online resource for registering your child for kindergarten.  We will reach out again when we can plan the 


District Nurse Information 

TSD District Nurse, Mrs. Johnson shared the following information from the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding children and wearing masks.


TSD Fabric Masks Project:

We are looking for volunteers that like to sew!


Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic many of you have reached out to TSD and other district officials asking how you can help!  Thank you for being amazing and caring so much for the students and families in our community!  As our school leaders plan and prepare for next school year, there are many unknowns.  We listen each day when Governor DeWine gives his press conference waiting for any insight as to what the future holds.  State and local officials have advised that we must prepare from several different possible school scenarios, including that students and school personnel might be required to wear masks to school.  Knowing that this is possible, we are launching a program that allows the community to help us in meeting our goals for the number of masks needed for every student and staff member.  Our goal is to have 2 for each person, so that while one mask is being cleaned, each person has another mask they can wear.  I have estimated that the district needs nearly 7000 masks.  Approximately 3000 youth masks, and 3800 adult masks.

We are asking our community to help us in sewing cloth masks and we will be collecting them throughout the summer at the Talawanda Board of Education.  We will begin collecting weekdays beginning May 18th between 9am-3pm.

Thank you!


From the Transportation Department

This is a reminder that a new Transportation Request Form is needed for each school year.  The form can be downloaded from the Talawanda Website for each child so that we can make sure that we have the most current contact information.  Please remember that babysitting arrangements need to be filled out on the Transportation Form as well because it doesn’t always carry over from year to year.  Thanks for thinking ahead to next year.  


From the Lane Public Library

Lane Libraries has subscribed to:

Services include 1-to-1 tutoring in a ton of K-12 subjects, plus essay review/feedback within 12 hours of submission!  The service is now live on our website:

Click Here for more information.


Folks will need their library card and pin number to log in. If they don't have a card (or have misplaced it), they can sign up for a temporary e-card at


Bingo challenge from Lane - Attached you will find a kids, teen, and adult version.





The Lane Library Summer Reading Adventure begins May 1!  See information here: 2020 Summer Reading Adventure


Sesame Street PSA- For Parents

To all the parents out there: you are doing an amazing job! But remember to take a moment for yourself, to breath, stretch, whatever you need to keep being your best self. Hang in there and keep up the great work!


PBS- Parents You are Enough -Parenting during the CoronaVirus.


Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

You may have heard that Dolly Parton's Imagination Library recently expanded to include all children Birth-5 in Butler County.  This is wonderful news, as each enrolled child will receive 1 FREE book a month in the mail until their 5th birthday.  Here is the link:


Student Meal Program Flyer


Previous E-News Links


Article for Parents 


Below is a video on keeping structure/schedules at home.  (FYI It is 12 minutes long)


OAESA shared- How to Support Your Child’s Social, Emotional and Behavioral Health

We know you and your child may be experiencing stress, confusion, fear or anxiety during this time. Below are some steps you can take to support your child.


Talk to Your Child about the Current Situation. Have age-appropriate conversations with your child and be sure all adults in the household are using the same language to describe what is happening. Be sure you understand the correct facts from medical and government resources. Share only developmentally appropriate facts with your child (see the links below for ideas about how to do this). Be calming to avoid cultivating anxiety or distress in your child.


Limit Exposure. Be mindful of adult conversations or media coverage about what is happening. Limit your child’s exposure to these as they could cause an increase in anxiety or distress in your child.


Encourage Expressive Activities. Encourage imaginative and expressive activities that can help your child share how he or she is feeling (for example, play for younger children and music activities, art activities and journaling for older children). This will allow your child to process his or her emotions in safe and productive ways.


Create a Structured Environment. Provide structure and routine for your child. Have a daily schedule with general activities posted in the home. Visual schedules are beneficial for young children. Children do well and feel safer when they know what to expect next.


Set Expectations. Set expectations for your child to complete a set amount of academic work daily. This helps with structure but also will help avoid the pressures of feeling behind when he or she returns to school.


Create Special Time. Set aside at least 10 minutes a day to focus on your child. More time is better. Actively listen to what he or she says and stay positive. If your child is younger, play with him or her during this time. Child-focused play has many benefits to child-adult relationships.


Spend Quality Time Together. Have dinner together. Put away all technology. Take turns sharing something that you felt happy about today. Your child can help with preparation and clean up.


Stay Active. Encourage your child to play, walk or hike outdoors and get outside with your child as well. If the weather does not allow for outdoor time, try yoga, having a dance party or watching online videos that encourage movement indoors.


Focus on the Positive. Point out the “helpers” in the world and the good things they are doing. Stay simple and limit detail about anything frightening, but emphasize the good work being done.


Model Responses to Difficult Situations. The adult should care for him or herself and model this for the child. Children will watch how adults in their homes deal with stress and replicate this themselves.

Health and Safety


For resources on addressing the coronavirus please visit:


During this time away from school please stay at home, cover your coughs using your elbow, avoid the touching of your eyes, nose and mouth, and wash your hands frequently.  The purpose of this closure is to slow the spread of the virus and this can only be done if each of us takes a few extra precautions.  This also means not using the school grounds as a place to gather and play - our playgrounds and schools grounds are closed.  Be safe and stay healthy.


5th Grade Parents ONLY:

To plan schedules for TMS, please click the link below to indicate which music class your rising 6th grader would prefer.


AR Update

If you were unable to access AR please try again.  The company needed to release the test to be given outside of the school network and it should work now.


Select: I'm a student

Students login just like they do at school:

username:  "student ID"@tsd. (example,  431111@tsd)

password: STAR1

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