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  • Kramer/McCullough-Hyde Doctors Day
  • Tribute to Kathryn Hamilton
  • Kornylak Corporation visits Kramer
  • MU Volleyball Camp
  • Kramer Student WINS- ODE School Breakfast Poster Contest


  • Kramer students in Mrs. McWilliams art class made art posters for McChullough-Hyde Doctors Day.

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    Kramer/McCullough-Hyde Doctors Day
  • Thank you to Mr. Richard Kornylak of, Kornylak Corporation for visiting Kramer and speaking to 4th grade students. 

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    Kornylak Corporation visits Kramer
  • Congratulations to Grayson Shamblin for winning the ODE Breakfast Poster Contest!

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Talawanda will be a collaborative, flexible, inviting community where innovation guides learning inside and outside of the school walls.

Report Card Information

  • Achievement= C Rating
  • Overall Progress= B Rating
  • Graduation Rate= A Rating
  • Performance Index= C Rating
  • K-3 Literacy = C Rating
  • Prepared for Success= C Rating
  • Scored above the State and National Average on the ACT



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