National Honor Society

Membership Selection Process

Talawanda Chapter of the National Honor Society

The selection of members to the Talawanda Chapter of National Honor Society shall be by a majority vote of the Faculty Council consisting of five faculty members appointed by the principal. The chapter adviser shall be the sixth, nonvoting, ex officio member of the Faculty Council. Prior to selection, the following shall occur:

-Students’ academic records shall be reviewed to determine scholastic eligibility. 
-Students who are eligible scholastically (“candidates”) shall be notified and asked to complete and submit the Student Activity Information Form for further consideration for selection. 
-If a student does turn in the Student Activity Information Form, they will still be considered a candidate. If a student scholastically eligible wishes not to be evaluated by the Faculty Council, that should sign and return the “opt out” sheet in the packet on which the student and parent acknowledge that they were viable candidates for this round of selection, but respectfully decline the invitation to be considered. Returning such forms does not preclude the student from being considered in the next round of selection as long as he or she still meets the scholastic eligibility established by the chapter. 
-The faculty shall be requested to evaluate candidates determined to be scholastically eligible using the official evaluation form provided by the chapter adviser. 
-The Faculty Council shall review the Student Activity Information Form and faculty evaluations in order to determine membership. 
-The selection of each member to the chapter shall be by a majority vote of the Faculty Council. Prior to notification of any candidates, the chapter adviser shall review with the principal the results of the Faculty Council’s deliberations.

The selection of new active members shall be held twice a year for the graduating class of 2012 and 2013, and shall be once a year during the fall semester of the school year for the graduating class 2014 and future classes.

Candidates become members when inducted at a special ceremony. Once selected and inducted, all members are expected to maintain the standards by which they were selected and maintain all obligations of membership.

Students with disabilities may not, and should not, be excluded from consideration because of their disability; neither must they be given an unfair advantage. When a student meets NHS standards in every way except that prevented by a disability, they should not be disqualified from consideration for honorary membership. Nonselected students will receive written documentation of their nonselection, and are eligible for consideration in the next round of selection if the student stills meets the scholastic eligibility established by the chapter. If a student or parent wishes to appeal the decision of the Faculty Council, they must contact the NHS adviser, in writing, within 14 days of nonselection being announced. The adviser will then pass the written appeal on to the Principal. Outcomes of an appeal can include, but are not limited to: Rejection of the appeal, sustaining of the original judgment, request from the principal for the Faculty Council to reconsider the case, a change in the decision, resulting in the selection of the student in question.

Questions should be directed to Advisor Christene Alfonsi. Additional information can be found in the Chapter bylaws, available in the main office of THS.



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