December Newsletter

            I’m trying to decide what to put in this month’s newsletter.  In past newsletters, I’ve said so much about INFOhio’s resources to help students with research projects & testing skills such as:

               ++Research Project Calculator

               ++Learning Express Library (ACT, SAT, ASFAB, & many more test preps)

               ++KnowItNow  Homework help provided by librarians & available 24x7

               ++Science Online

               ++EBSCOHost        …to name a few of the many academic resources available for students.

            For this newsletter, I thought I’d mention some fun INFOhio sites.  

            Learning languages (including Pirate) is easy in MANGO.  Step by step conversations that can be repeated if necessary.  I have been working on learning Arabic, so I can speak to my Jordanian son-in-law in his native language.  I have to say I haven’t been totally successful, but I am learning basics!  

            Interested in your heritage?   Try ANCESTRY!!   I found a copy of my original marriage license & information about my family including original WWI draft registration, Federal Census, & photos of many interesting documents.  Once you get started, it might be hard to stop. 

            Want to visit a museum from the comfort of your home?  Try INFOhio‘s ART Collection where you can search your favorite artist or browse the collection of one of 20 museums.

            For the younger students, look at EARLY WORLD OF LEARNING, WORLD BOOK KIDS, or IPL2 for KIDS.  All provide fun, age appropriate resources for many ages, even pre-school.

            There are so many, many cool things offered by INFOhio.  I certainly hope that you and your students will check it out.  For home access, please contact me for the user name and password.

            May your Holidays be merry and full of fun INFOhio activities.

Carol Morison

THS Library Media Specialist

TCS District Media Center Coordinator

Ohio Master Teacher

morisonc [at]




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