The one-time THS D.C. Trip is set for Oct 23-26th!

Interested Juniors and Seniors should follow the following two steps: 

1. Sign & return Permission forms & Behavior Contracts to Dr. Weatherwax.
Please contact her in school or via email for the forms if you need an additional copy. 

2. Visit Martin School Travel and register. 

* Deposit of $450 due by August 31st
* Final payment of $300 due by September 10th

Looking for additional information? View the informational slideshow HERE


Frequently Asked Questions:

Question:  Where do I go to register my child and pay for the trip to D.C.?

Question:  The website you listed says “12th graders.”  Can 11th graders go on the trip too?
Answer:  Yes.  The D.C. trip is open to 11th & 12th graders. They are working to update the website.

Question:  Will chaperones be putting tape on the hotel room doors of students after room checks?Answer:  Yes. Chaperones will put tape on the door after the final room check in the evening and check the tape in the morning before students exit their hotel rooms for breakfast.

Question:  Will there be security posted on every floor of the hotel room?
Answer:  Yes. One for each floor (divided male & female). 

Question:  Can students who are not in 11th or 12th grades go on the trip?
Answer:  No. This trip is only for juniors and seniors at THS.

Question:  Can parents/guardians chaperone?
Answer:  No. The Chaperones will be Talawanda staff members.

Question:  Can students select their roommates?
Answer:  We will do our best to accommodate requests for roommates, but it is not guaranteed that a student will be able to choose all of their roommates.  A roommate request process will be shared with students after the final payment is due and we have the list of everyone going on the trip.

Question:  If 40 students do not sign up for the trip, will we be refunded the money we have paid to Martin Travel?
Answer:  Yes. 

Question:  Is there scholarship money available to help offset the cost of the trip?
Answer: A local donor has raised money to cover the second payment for students already enrolled in the free lunch program. There is no additional money available.

Question:  How much is the trip insurance?
Answer:  $89.00. We highly recommend you purchase this insurance as it is the only way to get a refund if you do not go on the trip. There will be absolutely NO REFUNDS for students removed from the trip for violations of the Student Code of Conduct.  As a reminder, parents/guardians will have to make travel arrangements at their own expense for students who have violated the rules while on the trip.

Question:  What hotel will you be staying at?
Answer:   Hilton Garden Inn Dulles North 
      Address: 22400 Flagstaff Plaza, Ashburn, VA 20148
      Phone: (703) 723-8989

Question:  Will the hotel room have a mini-fridge and microwave?
Answer:  According to the hotel’s website, it appears as though every room is equipped with these conveniences.

Question:  When are Talawanda’s Extended Field Trip Permission Slip and Responsibility due?
Answer:  No later than August 31st.  Please have your student give them to Dr. Weatherwax in Room 315 at THS (students should hand the forms to her personally and not just leave them on a desk).  Please make sure that your student’s name is written legibly on the forms.

Question:  Can juniors and seniors that reside in the Talawanda district but attend Butler Tech go on the trip?
Answer:  Yes.  Butler Tech has been made aware of this opportunity for our students.  Please make sure that you follow Butler Tech’s policy for reporting absences.

Question:  How strict will you be about bringing gaming systems?
Answer:  Very. Don’t bring one.

Question: What if I have a question about the trip that has not been answered?
Answer:  Email questions to  Please give 24 hours for a response.


Question:  Does the cost of the trip cover everything? 
Answer:  The $750 covers bus transportation through Martin Travel, hotel accommodations, attraction entrance fees, and some meals.  Your student should bring at least $50 to cover additional meals (to and from D.C. and one-two other meals while in D.C.).  If students want to purchase souvenirs, they will also need to bring money to do so.  Students are responsible for the safety and security of their own belongings including cash and credit/debit cards.


Question:  Can students bring snack foods?
Answer:  Yes! Your student can bring snacks and water bottles. In fact, we highly suggest that they do!