SAT & ACT Test Prep. Materials

There are some very helpful resources in INFOhio for students taking SAT & ACT tests. 

Learning Express Library 

First time students will need to register, and it might be necessary to register at a school computer. Once registered, students can access Learning Express Library from any computer, can log in to their account, take practice tests and save them to their center. 

When registering into Learning Express Library, I suggest students use the same user name and password that they use to log in to school computers (last name & first 2 letters of their first name with student ID being the password).

Once logged into Learning Express Library, choose COLLEGE PREPARATION, and you will see ACT or SAT options. Select the test you want to take and add it to your center (see the option on the right). Once the test is in your center, you can select it and begin. You do NOT need to complete the entire test at one sitting.

In order to access INFOhio from home, please contact me for the user name and password needed. Or if you are having any difficulty locating the SAT or ACT practice tests, contact me for assistance.