How to Research

Using the following steps, you will be able to create the best research projects. 

1) The NEED for Information: 
Determine what is required in the assignment or project 
Consider the format, the due dates, and items or issues are required. 
Determine what information you need to meet all of the requirements set up by your teacher. 

2) SEARCHING for Information: 
Create a search strategy by considering where you will find information and what keywords you will use to search for it. 
By focusing your search on specific keywords, you should be able to find better resources. 
It's always best to do an advanced search. This will allow you to narrow the search field and get exactly what you want or need. 

3) LOCATING and ACCESSING Information: 
Find sources that have valuable, reliable information for your topic. 
Whenever possible use electronic databases instead of a general internet search. Electronic databases can be found on or on Lane Library's web site. 
Use the Talawanda HS library catalog or Lane Public Library's catalog to search for books. 
Look over the link called "Evaluation Web Sites" in this web site. 

4) USING Information: 
Read through the information you find in books or on computers. 
Take notes on the information. There are Working Bibliography papers in the library which are set up for 2 column notes. Mrs. Morison will be happy to help you find them. 

5) SYNTHESIZING Information: 
Organize the information you've found from multiple sources according to the format that's needed for your project. 

6) EVALUATING the research process: 
How successful was your research? Did you get a good grade? Did you get everything in the project or paper that your teacher wanted? Were there other resources that you could have used? 

If you have questions about how to research, where to find databases, or how to do an advanced search, please stop by the Talawanda High School Library and talk to Mrs. Morison. 

Good luck!