1:1 Program


All THS, TMS, and 5th grade students are issued a Chromebook for use in school and at home, all 2nd,3rd, and 4th grade students have access to Chromebooks at school. All K-1 grade students have access to iPads at school.  These devices serve as a platform that supports learning that fosters 21st Century Skills. They are school-property and students will be held accountable for their safe-keeping.

Students who take their Chromebook home will bring it to school everyday, charged, ready to be used in class at their teacher's discretion.

A representative from the IT department will be available in each school on a daily basis to provide technical support to this program. Students can come to the media center in between classes or let their teacher know they need to go there for technical support.  Devices are available to be given on loan in the event that a device needs to be repaired or replaced.

Read the Parent/Student 1:1 Initiative Information Packet for more information.


These devices are the property of Talawanda School District, and the Board will hold students financially and legally responsible for any loss, damage, and theft. Accidental damage and normal wear and tear will be addressed by Talawanda using funds collected from the annual technology insurance charge.

Students are responsible for paying an annual insurance charge which will be used to fund repair and maintenance necessitated by normal wear and tear and accidental damage.

A full elucidation of student and parent responsibilities can be found in the Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy.


The Board of Education is funding the full cost of the Chromebooks, iPads, cases, carts, and the associated software licenses. Students are only required to pay the annual insurance charge, and costs related to damage, loss, or theft of the device.

Google Apps Offline

Follow these directions to setup Google Drive Offline and Gmail Offline to use these applications when Internet access is not available.