Special Education


Special Education

The Special Education Department ensures that all children with disabilities have access to a free and appropriate public education (FAPE).  To receive services, a student must be identified as having a disability by an educational team.  This identification requires that:

  • A student’s struggles are not related to a lack of instruction,
  • A student meets the criteria for having a disability under one of Ohio’s disability categories, AND
  • A student requires specially designed instruction to make educational progress.

A child’s educational team will consist of:

  • The Student (as appropriate)
  • The Parent/Guardian
  • An Intervention Specialist
  • A General Education Teacher
  • A District Representative (a person with knowledge of and authority to assign district resources)
  • A School Psychologist (during the evaluation process)
  • Anyone else who has knowledge or expertise related to the student

Once identified as a student with a disability, a student’s educational team will develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that is tailored to the student’s unique needs.  This plan will include:

Talawanda offers a continuum of services for students with disabilities.  A student’s IEP team will determine what services are necessary.  Services and delivery are individualized; each child’s plan may be different.

Talawanda is committed to providing children with disabilities the best conditions for learning, while keeping in compliance with federal and state regulations. Our department fosters alignment with Ohio's Operating Standards, Content Standards and Performance Standards for Ohio's Schools.



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