Student Assistance Program SAP

SAP Mission Statement: To address barriers to learning and support students in achieving their full potential

What is SAP?

  • Comprehensive K-12 program that addresses concerns for students in the areas of academics, attendance, behavior and health.
  • Comprehensive continuum of services
  • Team-based approach: Talawanda employees are trained to look for warning signs of student distress
  • Student Assistance Teams in each building create individualized action plans to assist the student and provide supports for success

SAP Coordinators

Bogan                     Laura Packert         packertl [at]        273-3451

Kramer                   Elizabeth Jutte        juttee [at]           273-3553 (grades K, 2, and 4)

Kramer                   Debbie Crowder      crowderd [at]      273-3553 (grades 1, 3, and 5)

Marshall                  Mara  Elam             elamm [at]        273-3632

TMS                       Teresa Peter            petert [at]          273-3311

THS                       Teresa Peter            petert [at]          273-3223



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