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Report Card Update:

The report card data for last school year has been released.  You may access the district and building level data at Type in the building or district name in the SEARCH bar.

Talawanda School District has made progress as found on the new report cards. We know we still have work to do.  The state assessment data is a 1 to 2 day assessment given to our students.  We receive the data results about 5 months later when students have moved to the next grade level or have graduated.  
Talawanda School district is committed to excellence, providing outstanding services, meeting each student's individual and unique needs, and developing positive and outstanding citizens ready for the military, employment, vocational training/schools, or college.  
Using the one state assessment data point as part of our process in conjunction with other formative and summative measurements will drive our instructional processes forward. Using one data point such as the state assessments to drive all instructional processes is problematic.  We have to address the whole child.  Continuing our commitment to mental health, leadership experiences, social and emotional skills, interpersonal skills, extracurricular activities, safety, and opportunities to not only grow our students but grow our families and community as Talawanda is known for.