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Kramer Enews 4/5/2019

Posted on: April 5, 2019

Kramer- E-news 4/5/19


The Ohio State Test will be given to our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students starting in April. All three grade levels will be testing next week. In order to help your child do their best on these test, be sure they get a goods night rest, eat a healthy breakfast, and encourage them to take their time and read carefully.


Summer School

Thanks for the book donations, keep them coming!  

Collecting gently used books for PreK to Grade 3 readers.  

Send donations to the school office.


From the Health Coordinating Council

The Coalition for a Healthy Community - Oxford Area is sponsoring a community walking challenge from April 3rd to April 9th.  This year, we wanted to invite the Talawanda Elementary Schools to be active participants. During the week, each elementary student will be offered a pedometer with Rox the Fox (our mascot) on it to help them keep track of their steps.  Each school has a designated lunch/recess time to promote walking. Volunteers from the community and Miami University will be coming to walk with the students during this recess time. If students would like to track their steps for the entire week, please feel free to enter them starting on May 10th by going to   


We would love to have families participate with the students - ALL steps are welcome to help us reach the goal of 12 million as a community!  If you have any questions, please call 513.273.3390. Thank you!

Fresh Air Fair

Community Walking Challenge


Medication Disposal Day

Bring your expired, unused or over-the-counter medication to be disposed.  Please use this link for more information.  


Oxford Kinship Information

Please use this link for more information.


2019-2020 Kindergarten Registration Information

All community events, flyers and information can be found at:

TSD Community Activities


From the Nurse

Need elastic- waist pants for 7-10 year old boys, and 5-7 year old girls. No other clothes, please.


Updating Student Information

Student Information/contact Forms are completed electronically.  Simply log into Final Forms using the email and password you created and make the changes you need.  If you forgot your email or password click forgot email or forgot password and follow the prompts.

Need to update a phone number or address - Go to the Contact Form

Need to update your pick up list - Go to the Transportation Form


Have a great weekend!

Jason Merz




April 9 - Title Family Activity Day K-3

April 10 - 3rd Grade Music Concert

April 18 - 2nd Grade Field Trip Wright Patterson Air Force Base

May 2 - 3rd Grade Field Trip Gov. Bebb

May 2- Kramer Cultural Night

May 3 - 4th Grade Carillon Park

May 6- PTG Meeting 7:00 Kramer Cafeteria

May 6 - Mortimer Field Trip LaRosa’s

May 7- No School- PD Day

May 8- Kramer Mile- PTG Fundraiser

May 8- Walk/Bike to School Day

May 8 - 2nd Grade Field Trip LaRosa’s

May 8 - 2nd Grade Music Concert

May 9 - Bucheit Field Trip LaRosa’s

May 10 Mortimer Field Trip LaRosa’s

May 10 - Zettler/Shaw Field Trip to Hueston Woods

May 13 & 14- COSI on Wheels Kramer PTG Sponsored Event

May 16- Field Day

May 17 - Katto/Zimmerman Field Trip to Hueston Woods

May 17 - Second Grade Field Trip to Cincinnati Zoo