T-Net Authentication

T-Net is an authentication system that is used to login Talawanda students and staff to a multitude of different systems, all using a single account. This simplifies end-user account management as well as reduces administrative workload through using a common authentication system. Starting in the 2014-2015 school year, T-Net is being incorporated into the following applications.

Applications that Use T-Net

  • Mac OS desktop authentication
  • Windows desktop authentication
  • Google Apps, including Chromebooks - T-Net password synchronization to Google Apps is only one-way. If a user changes their T-Net password on a desktop computer, it will sync to Google Apps. However, password changes made in Google Apps will not sync back to other T-Net systems.
  • 'Talawanda' wireless network authentication for BYOD devices
  • FileMaker Pro Databases
  • Talawanda.org website
  • iBoss Web Filter
  • Overdrive Media
  • ​IEP Anywhere - coming later in 2014-2015

Applications that Don't Use T-Net

  • ProgressBook Suite
  • Renaissance Place



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