Resources for a Healthy Family & Community

The Talawanda School District understands that healthy learners are better learners and healthy families are better families.  In an effort to provide parents, caregivers and families in our district with accessible information to promote positive mental health, the Health Coordinating Council has recommended some resources that will hopefully be beneficial to families in the greater-Oxford area.

We will continue to add resources to this site as they become available.  If you have questions, concerns or recommendations regarding the resources, please contact Amy Macechko at macechkoa [at]

Recommended Websites

Coalition for a Healthy Community - Oxford Area  The vision of the Coalition for a Healthy Community – Oxford Area is to build a healthier community together.  The Leadership Team and multiple workgroups of the Coalition work to achieve this goal through taking action to raise awareness, develop strategies, support initiatives and influence polices that promote a healthier community for all. 

Search Institute's 40 Development Assets
The Search Institute has identified through research 40 qualities, skills, values and relationships that influence the healthy development of young people.  The Developmental Assets are also included as attachments below.

Know! Tips from the Drug Free Action Alliance
The Drug Free Action Alliance provides parents of pre-teens and teenagers tips on how to address topics related to substance use.  Talking with young people about substance use is a huge protective factor in keeping young people healthy and substance-free!

American Academy of Pediatrics - 7 C's of Resiliency
The American Academy has identified 7 components that help young people cope with stress.  In addition, this site offers a site for teens to develop a personalized stress management plan.

Parent Further
A Search Institute resource for families.  Find parenting strategies on a variety of topics, including discipline, values, high risk behaviors, technology/media and spending time together.

Recommended Book List

The Health Coordinating Council has endorsed a list of books that may be helpful to families in the following categories:

  • Parenting Strategies

  • Attention Deficit Disorder & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Please find the list of books below.

Family Resource Center

The mission of the Family Resource Center is to promote self-sufficienty for individuals and families in the Talawanda School District.
The staff are willing to assist any families in the district to determine if there is a local social service that will meet your needs.  Please see the attachments below for specfic resources and contact information.  In addition, the Family Resource Center produces a monthly calendar with opportunities.  Please call 513.523.5859 with any questions.

School & Community Liaison

Talawanda School District is very fortunate to partner with the Butler County Success Program and have a Community School Liaison.  Chrissy Rolfes is available to provide social work services to families in the district.  She can assist with basic needs, physical needs (medical/dental/mental health), applying for government assistance, etc.

Contact Information:
Chrissy Rolfes - Community School Liaison
Butler County Success Program
Talawanda School District
rolfesc [at]

Student Assistance Program

The mission of the Talawanda Student Assistance Program is to address barriers to learning and support students in achieveing their full potential.  Please click on the link above for more specific information and for the contact information for the SAP Coordinator in your child's building.

Family Community Events Calendar

A new resource is available for families through the Butler County Family and Children First Council's "Strong Families, Safe Communities" Grant.  Please see the files below for a wide variety of low or no cost family activities and opportunities in your area.  These will be updated each month.

Butler County 24-Hour Crisis Hotline

United Way 211



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