Health & Wellness

Welcome to the Talawanda School District. I am Amy Macechko, Health and Wellness Coordinator, for the district. I work in partnership with the Coalition for a Healthy Community-Oxford Area to coordinate programming and resources to ensure the health and safety of our Talawanda youth. The Talawanda and greater-Oxford community collaboratively work to strengthen these programs and initiatives. We are thankful to our community partners in the law enforcement, city, faith-based, medical, civic, and University sectors who play such a significant role in the success of our program. 

The Mission of the Talawanda School District Health & Wellness Program:
*Address the health and well-being of the “whole” child within the framework of the Student Assistance Program 
*Create a transparent and synergistic system that removes barriers to academic achievement 
*Develop individual support mechanisms and connections to services in Butler County 
*Engage the community in intentional asset-building initiatives 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 513.273.3390 or using this contact form. Thank you for your support!



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