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Bill Hubbard
Director of Facilities 
hubbardb [at] talawanda.org

(513) 233-5370 (cell)

Mary Smith
smithm [at] talawanda.org

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Facilities Goals

To create and maintain a safe and efficient learning environment for all students and staff. To ensure all districts’s buildings and grounds receive the proper care and attention necessary to keep these assets in top condition and working order, for the owner, the district tax payers.

Director of Facilities

• Oversees the functioning of building systems including mechanical, electrical, fire/life safety, and other such operating systems.

• Ensures all systems are in compliance, operating efficiently, and up to date on required inspections.

• Oversees the daily operation of the maintenance and grounds department.

• Ensures all buildings and grounds are maintained and operating in an efficient and safe manner.

• Oversees outside contractors for facility renovation projects entailing building operating systems.

• Organizes and manages programs for warehousing, distribution, delivery, and inventory of supplies and equipment.

• Manages the annual operating budget for the district facilities department.

• Oversees the direct operation and monitors HVAC and DDC controls to ensure all districts buildings are operating at a comfortable and efficient temperature setting.

• Develops “Right Sourcing” maintenance programs to ensure district assets receive timely accurate repairs and preventive maintenance.

• Manages on-line work order and preventive maintenance system.

• Manages all summer maintenance, grounds, and custodial projects.

• Oversees upkeep, repair, safety and cleanliness of all school assets and properties.

• On-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies throughout the district.

If you have a concern or questions, please feel free to call the director.

TSD Facilities

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Talawanda School District is always searching for Vendors or Businesses that would be interested in providing products and services that are essential in the operation of our school district.

Do you believe your business is in the position to provide such products or services that would be an asset to the district? Will your company have an overall positive impact on the everyday maintenance issues that are faced by school districts?

If so, please fill out the Vendor Information Form and fax back to the Talawanda Facilities Department.

Thank You 
Facilities Department
Talawanda School District




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