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Scott Davie     School Counselor - Names: A-F     513.273.3220
Teresa Peter   School Counselor - Names: G-N   513.273.3223
Kelli Stark   School Counselor - Names: O-Z   513.273.3219
Jackie Roy      School Counseling Office Secretary   513.273.3218

The Talawanda School Counseling Department exists to empower every learner, every day by facilitating successful educational partnerships. This is accomplished through the implementation of a comprehensive, data-driven counseling curriculum.

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Scholarship Information:

We encourage students to use and to conduct an additional search for potential scholarship matches. CAUTION: Never PAY for a scholarship search - the process is 100% free! If you are paying, you are being scammed. 

TALAWANDA HS LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP BOOKLET - Becomes available again in Jan 2021

OXFORD COMMUNITY FOUNDATION BOOKLET -Becomes available again in Jan 2021

Current Scholarship Opportunities:

Scholarship Name:    Brief Description:    Link for more info:    Due Date:   
Chairish Diverse background; Design-related field Chairish June 30th



Each of these scholarships requires a separate (paperclipped) packet using the same cover page (labeled for each/every scholarship). See your school counselor or Mrs. Roy with any questions! 

Name: Amount: Eligibility/Requirements: Notes:   
Dr. Mark Mortine $500 (one-time) 3.0 overall; 3.5 Jr/Sr; Education or "helping" profession 500 word essay; 2 letters of rec
NAACP $1000 (one-time) Student of color; 2, 4, or technical degrees Additional form
Oxford Kiwanis; Amy Wengler; Key Club $500 (one-time) Community service 5 activities or 25 hours of comm. service; additional form
Oxford Lions Club 3 - $1000 (one-time) Community service    
Oxford Masonic
Lodge #67
$2000 (can re-apply for up to 4 years) 1000 word essay; 3 letters of rec    
Oxford Seniors $1000 (one-time) Any education; Community service    
P.E.O. Chapter CB $750 (one-time) Senior girl; 2, 4, or technical school    Leadership/service; Additional form
Tyler Richardson $1000-$5000
3.0 GPA; Overcome adversity; any education 500 word essay; 2 letters of rec.   
Jeff Schroer Memorial $1000 (one-time) 3.2-3.7 GPA; Miami Univ only; Leadership/Service 500 word essay; 2 letters of rec.   
Talawanda Educator's Assoc. $1000 (one-time) 2.5 GPA (min); Preference for education 250-300 word essay; 2 letters of rec.   
Jane B Salmon $500 (min) (one-time) Special education major;  teaching/nursing; or current/former LD student 2 letters of rec.   
Leslie Weisman Culinary Arts $500 (one-time) Culinary Arts career 2 letters of rec; Additional form  
Marvin & Janet Wilhelm $500 (one-time) 4-year degree; Helping profession    

Women's Club of Oxford

3.0 GPA; Any Ohio college/university    1-page essay; 2 letters of rec.



One complete scholarship packet (paperclipped) with any/all supplemental materials included at the end. Be sure to check off each/every scholarship for which you are applying.

Name: Amount: Eligibility/Requirements:  Notes:
Jim Beaton Memorial $1000 (one-time) 3.0 GPA Few additional requirements   
J.K. & Tripti Bhattacharjee
Math & Science
$500 (one-time) 3.0 GPA; Degree in math & science  2 letters of rec.  
Dorothy Blankenship Memorial $1000 (one-time) 3.0 GPA; Music major or minor 2 letters of rec.   
Robert W. & Mary Louise Bogan $500 (one-time) Education-related degree  1 letter of rec.  
Marge & Al Cornett $1000 (one-time) 2.5 GPA; Ohio-based college or university 2 letters of rec.   
Captain David C. Foley $1000 (one-time) 3.0 GPA; Environmental Studies 2 letters of rec.   
Jeff Gross Memorial $500 (one-time) 3.0 GPA; Business, Accounting, or Marketing Personally affected by cancer (essay)   
Nancy Kane
Continuing Education
$200 (one-time) Overcome/At-risk 2 letters of rec.;
1-page paper   
Logan David
Keebler Memorial
$2500 (one-time) 2.5 GPA; Vocational, trade or technical school Goal statement; 2 letters of rec.   
Tammy McCartney Memorial 1-$500; 1-$250
All post-secondary options  1000 word essay;
2 letters of rec.   
 David Osborne Memorial  $3000+ (one-time)  2.0 GPA; Hold part or
full-time job
Essay; Athletics, band, or cheerleading...   
Oxford Chamber of Commerce   $1000 (one-time)  2.0 GPA; Technical or Vocational     
 Dale Plank Award 1 or 2 - $1250
Cross-country/Track & Field; Coach's Council Nomination     
 Rotary Club Scholarship 6-8 - $1000 (one-time)  2 or 4 year Essay; 2 letters of rec.    
Snyder Career Development $1000 (one-time) 2.5 GPA; One Butler Tech course completed Essay   
Robert F. Southard Memorial $1000 (one-time) 3.0 GPA; Liberal Arts education 2 letters of rec.   
Mitzie Statum "Spirit of Goodwill" Memorial $100 (one-time) Demonstration of Goodwill towards classmates THS Special Education will make selection   
Athletic Boosters
4 - $1000 (one-time)
2 male; 2 female
3.0 GPA; Played at least 1 Varsity sport 2 letters of rec.   
Memorial Brick
$300 (one-time) 2.5 GPA; 2 or 4 year    2 letters of rec.
Charles Warren Memorial $2700 (one-time;
split between 2)
Public service career Goal statement;
2 letters of rec.   
Eric Wasser Memorial $300 (one-time) Open to all    
Majorie & Ned Webb Writing Award 2 - varying amounts (one-time) No actual application process English Dept Award   
James "Red" Wilcher Arts Scholarship $300 (one-time) 2.0 GPA; Arts related career Personal statement;
2 letters of rec.


College/Career Planning Information: THS Senior Bulletin - Key Info Sheet

Presentation Outline: Selecting a College -- Applying to College -- Paying for College
College & Career Timeline for Grades 9-12: College & Career Timeline


Fall 2019 College Visit Schedule: Visits are held during tutorial on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Interested 9th-12th grade students should get their agenda signed and report to the School Counseling Office at the start of tutorial to meet with any/all colleges they are interested in learning more about. 

Jan 7th - Columbia University - 9-11th graders only

College Credit Plus - 2020-21 Guidance Document

College Credit Plus (CCP) can help students earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking college courses from community colleges or universities.  The purpose of this program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wide variety of options to college-ready students.  Taking a college course from a public college or university College Credit Plus is free.  That means no cost for tuition, books or fees.  If students choose to attend a private college or university, you may have limited costs. Students (and parents/guardians) interested in learning more about Ohio's College Credit Plus (CCP) should contact their school counselor for more information.  


  • Letter of Intent 
  • Applications due to universities: Nov 1st (Spring semester start) - May 1st (Fall semester start)
    •    Those students seeking summer CCP MAY have earlier deadlines (typically April 1st)
  • CCP Signature Page

Applications and Other Information