Talawanda Board of Education:

Monthly Board of Education meetings typically take place at Talawanda High School's Performing Arts Center.  The meetings begin at 7:00 p.m., followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, Presentations and the Public Participation Section of the meeting.  During COVID-19 TSD is hosting virtual meetings as mandated by Governor DeWine and in accordance with restrictions on large gatherings.

Please note that the Talawanda Board of Education has recently voted in favor of videotaping meetings.  The videotaped meetings of the Talawanda Board of Education are considered to be an administrative aid to the board approved minutes, and are NOT official board minutes.

Attendees and speakers at the Board of Education meetings will be videotaped.  Links to these videos are available to the public to view.

For more information please refer to Talawanda Board Policy po0168 (Minutes).

Links to Board Meeting Videos:

April 2, 2020 BOE Meeting Video Link

April 20, 2020 BOE Meeting Video Link

May 11, 2020 BOE Meeting Video Link

May 21, 2020 - Graduation Ceremony BOE Meeting Video Link

June 9, 2020 BOE Work Session- 6pm

June 15, 2020 BOE Meeting Video Link  - Meeting to begin at 7:30pm

July 1, 2020 TSD BOE Work Session- The Board will be conducting interviews for the Treasurer position in Executive Session.

July 9, 2020 BOE Meeting Video Link

August 3, 2020 TSD BOE Work Session- 6pm

August 17, 2020 BOE Meeting Video Link

September 21, 2020 BOE Meeting- NEW ZOOM Video Links & Instructions for Public Participation



Talawanda Board of Education Goals 

  • School Safety: The safety of our students and staff is the #1 priority of the school district.
  • Financial Stability: To maintain fiscal responsibility, and stay off the ballot until 2020 (and beyond).
  • Continue to implement the goals of the Strategic Plan
  • Talawanda Athletics: To renew the focus and support to the district athletic programs to encourage sustainability of staff and support performance of our athletic programs.
  • New Marshall:  TSD is working closely with the OSFCC on the start of this project
  • New Opportunities: The Board of Education is committed to investigating and vetting any new opportunity brought to the district that would improve our school system.

Please look for progress updates in the future regarding the Board of Education Goals!