Bogan Parent Teacher Group

What is Bogan PTG?

PTG stands for Parent Teacher Group. PTG consists of parents and teachers working together to support the students of Bogan Elementary. All Bogan parents and teachers are automatically members of PTG. Becoming a voting member costs only $1.00 annually. By actively participating in PTG you will meet other parents, gain a better understanding of school issues and curriculum, and develop a rapport with your child’s teacher. Most importantly, you will help make Bogan a safe, fun, and educationally enriched environment for all of our kids!

PTG Meetings

Dates for the 2017-18 TBD

PTG Sponsored Activities

PTG is proud to support Bogan students by providing funds for the following school-related activities and materials:

RAH- Reading at Home Program

Playground Equipment

Field Trips

COSI on Wheels 

Library Books

Computer Software

National Geographic Magazine

Talawanda-Miami Science Week


PTG sponsored activities are paid for by monies raised during several fundraising events through out the year. This year's fundraisers include:

Bogan Carnival 



Kids Night Out-

Campbell's Soup Labels

Tyson A+ Labels 

Cookie Dough Sale 

General Mills Box Tops

Holiday Shoppe with Santa 

Square 1 Art 

Kids Night Out

What is Kids Night Out?  It is a chance for Bogan Kids to spend a night out, at school, in a controlled, safe, and FUN environment!  Kids get to choose between several activities, enjoy a snack, and have fun with other Bogan students.  Cost is $10 per child. Parent volunteers make this possible. For every adult volunteer, one child gets admitted free!

**Please note that the kids receive just a snack, so they should eat dinner before arriving.

A release form must be signed when dropping off your child(ren).  They are available at the registration desk, but you can expedite the process if you have one already filled out when you arrive.

Your child must be signed out when you pick them up and photo ID shown.  If noted on the release form ahead of time, someone other than the parent or guardian may pick up the child if the parent wishes.   

For more information

The individuals listed below are PTG Executive Board members.  For more information about Bogan PTG please do not hesitate to contact one of us.

Co-President -- Jennifer Lake                        Jennlake22 [at]

Co-President -- Christina Shepherd                clshepherd6 [at]

Co-Vice President -- Dottie Thacker              dottithacker [at]

Co-Vice President --  Sharon Gregory            sjtgregory [at]      

Treasurer -- Christina Beckett                       chbeckett [at]

Co-Secretary -- Emily Robinson                      roincincy [at]

Co-Secretary-- Jennifer Moore                       jmoore7818 [at]

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