Health Coordinating Council

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The primary goal of the Health Coordinating Council (HCC) is to minimize barriers to learning by promoting the relationship between health and academic achievement. The HCC coordinates prevention and intervention work between health professionals and preK-12 teachers. The HCC also promotes the linkages between health education and health services to improve the health and education status of children, youth, and families.

The HCC focuses on health-related issues and concerns of the school district by:

  • Assessing health needs in the context of academic achievement
  • Building on our strengths and developmental assets 
  • Making health and education decisions based on data and research 
  • Coordinating information and services between health and education professionals 

The HCC uses the Coordinated School Health Program model from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) as a framework for district-wide coordination. For specific information on a Coordinated School Health Program, please go to

On a regular basis, the Health Coordinating Council publishes information for parents related to health and wellness.  Please view this articles below.