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Bogan Special Enews 3/20/20

Posted on: March 20, 2020

Bogan Elementary Weekly E-News

March 20, 2020


School News and Information

Happy Friday!  We are into our 3rd official day of Online Learning Days.  I am sure that you have been overwhelmed by the amount of information shared with you (I know I have been) so I will try to keep this short.  I have also removed many of the links. All previous E-News messages can be found on the Bogan Webpage.


Spring Break begins at the end of school today.  There will be no online assignments next week. While staff will not be providing activities next week please feel free to continue the read everyday.  Home instruction will start again on March 30, 2020.


Mr. Winslow recorded the pledge of allegiance and some jokes.  Watch here:


Resources- Change in Student Meal Deliveries


Student Meal Program Flyer **New Dates and Times**


Thank You

Thank you to everyone that has provided feedback, emails and given compliments to the staff at Bogan and the district staff.  Your feedback is appreciated! Please continue to keep the open lines of communication. It is great to hear from everyone.


Just like your kids may be missing school, their teachers, and their friends, our staff is missing your child. It’s been tough to have a very abrupt halt to our daily interactions with students. We all went into education because we love working with children and are driven by making a difference in their lives.  We love getting updates from students on how they are doing. We love seeing pictures, videos, or little email updates. Several teachers have shared with me the updates they have received. It’s great to see!


We’ve seen the jokes floating around that parents have expelled their kids from homeschooling or are actively seeking a transfer to another homeschool! Teaching is tough! Being a parent is tough! We know that a lot more responsibility and engagement have been thrown at you in a short amount of time. Just know we appreciate all you are doing to help support your kid. We need our amazing parents now more than ever.  Our teachers will continue to provide guidance and support as well.   



There have been some questions about how grading will be done during this time. It’s too early for us to provide a complete answer on this topic. Our main focus right now is not about a grade, but rather that we still have student engagement and are maintaining/practicing the skills we have learned or were learning.  What is important right now is to have kids active in learning. We are not going to stress over deadlines at this time (we have enough stress already) - the goal is for learning to take place over time.  



Some K-2 parents have reported getting messages through Facetime or iMessage on the iPads.  This is not typically set up on our iPads for student use. In addition, if someone tries to use one of these features a message will show up on about 20 other iPads because the classroom set is connected to the same Apple account.  If it happens in the classroom, the teacher would know and see it on 20 iPads - now that they are in 20 different homes you all might not realize this is happening. To disable this feature Go to Settings and follow the steps below. The steps are similar for iMessage.  Settings might be located in a folder called education or teacher only. ]


5th Grade Parents ONLY:

To plan schedules for TMS, please click the link below to indicate which music class your rising 6th grader would prefer.


AR Update

If you were unable to access AR please try again.  The company needed to release the test to be given outside of the school network and it should work now.


Select: I'm a student

Students login just like they do at school:

username:  "student ID"@tsd. (example,  431111@tsd)

password: STAR1


WiFi hotspots are on backorder so if we have not been able to connect you with one you may want to try some of the options that various companies are offering for free.  Just remember to cancel when the offer expires. 


As an option you may drive to school and park near the building and access the schools’ WiFi from your car on your school provided device.  Just remember to stay in your car. While school is closed you are not to be gathering at school - this also means not playing on the playground or equipment.  

Staff Email Addresses

Mr. Winslow- Principal-

Kelley Franks- School Social Worker-

Laura Packert- School Counselor-


Fine Arts

Ms. Pitts-

Mr. Mitchell-

Mrs. Krimmer-



Ms. Currier-

Mrs. Davidson-

Mrs. Williams-


1st Grade

Mrs. Marshall-

Mrs. Meyers-

Mrs. Morris-


2nd Grade

Mrs. Milders-

Mrs. Parrish-

Ms. Schuppie-


3rd Grade

Mrs. Lindley-

Mrs. Morris-

Ms. Petro-


4th Grade

Mr. Farmer-

Mrs. Haskins-

Mrs. Hathaway-


5th Grade

Mrs. Hensley-

Mr. Leadbetter-

Mrs. Wagner-

Upcoming Dates

3/18 to 3/20 - Online Learning Days

3/23 to 3/27 - Spring Break

3/30 to 4/2 - Online Learning Days

4/6 - School Resumes (Expected Date)