Strategic Plan


To the Talawanda Community,

Last June, the Strategic Planning Committee held their first meeting. This committee was made
of administrators, teachers, board members, and community members. During a sixmonth
period, the planning committee met with an outside facilitator to encourage the committee to
critically analyze what education would be like in the next 520

The committee shared their views, thoughts, and passion about learning as they developed a
list of core values. The values were used to develop a new vision, mission, strategies for
implementation, and measurements for this new work. Action teams were soon formed to divide
up the work, goal areas. The various teams worked for another two to three months in the
development of the goals, strategies, and measurements.

For all involved, the work represents their true passion about the educational process and the
responsibility to prepare learners to compete in a global society.

The Talawanda Board of Education is to be commended for their support. They have been truly
visionary in their work. The district will report periodically and conduct annual focus groups to
review the progress of this plan. The essence of this work represents that the Talawanda
School District…”Empowers every learner every day!”

Kelly Spivey



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