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470 Questions and Answers

Internet Access Service Q & A

Question from Patrick Ryan, Frontier Communications: You identified 1 Gbps bandwidth and 5 school buildings and 3 school facilities.  Do you have an existing or desired topology map of the network? 

Answer: No. A map is not necessary because this service will provide internet access at one location which is Talawanda High School, 5301 University Park Blvd. Oxford, OH 45056. Internet access to other buildings is already accomplished through connecting them to the high school through our existing fiber optic network.
Question from Patrick Ryan, Frontier Communications: I also would need addresses and bandwidth requirements by address to quote this.  If you can also provide what you are currently paying for the existing network that would help us see if this is worthy of all of our efforts in pursuing.

Answer: Address is above, and bandwidth required is a minimum of 1 Gbps. Our current cost for internet access at 1 Gbps is $42,114.00 annually, before any E-Rate discounting.



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