Prevention Programs

Talawanda School District provides a comprehensive strategy to build assets and reduce substance use among our student population. The overarching framework for this strategy is our Student Assistance Program, a Kindergarten through Twelfth grade continuum that serves to link prevention, intervention, and treatment services for our youth. We are continuously evaluating our programming and making data driven decisions to meet the needs of our students and be proactive in our approach to ensure the health and safety of our students. 


Michigan Model Health Curriculum: This district-adopted curriculum is used pre-K-12th grade and covers a wide range of health related topics for our students to provide a comprehensive health education.

Developmental Asset Programs: The Search Institute has identified 40 Developmental Assets – essential building blocks for healthy youth development. Research suggests that the more assets a young person has, the less likely they are to engage in substance abuse, fighting, bullying, and other risky behaviors. A greater number of assets also increases the likelihood that a young person will be academically successful, seek to help others, and maintain good relationships. Talawanda has made a commitment to intentional build assets for our students through all of our programming. A specific emphasis has been placed on the elementary level by initiating a “Word of the Month” program that highlights a specific asset each month and encourages classroom activities to reinforce the concept. 

Social Marketing Campaigns: Talawanda School District and the Coalition for a Healthy Community have partnered to initiate social marketing campaigns for our students. The goal of each campaign is to reinforce positive messages and encourage desired behavior among our students. The following campaigns are currently in place or in the process of being developed: 

Elementary Schools: "Step Up!" 
Middle School: "Stay in Step!" 
High School: "Step Out!" 

Youth Initiative Team: This student group is committed to building leadership skills, positive character traits and empowering high school youth to take an active role in their school and the greater community to reduce substance use among their peer group. The Youth Initiative Team plans substance-free, alternative activities for all Talawanda High School students and takes the lead with prevention programming and activities in the school and the Oxford-area, including Red Ribbon Week and Prom/Graduation initiatives. 

L.E.A.D. Athletic Program: Our district is committed to providing education for our student-athletes so they can take the "lead" in making healthy choices and acting as role models to their peers. This program consists of a student-parent program and weekly lessons that our coaching staff facilitates with their team during season. 

Red Ribbon Week & "Plant the Promise": Red Ribbon Week is a national campaign whose goal is to provide awareness about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, while also promoting the advantages to living a drug-free, healthy lifestyle. From school announcements, to “Wear Red Day”, to door decorating contests, students throughout the district are directly involved in a variety of ways. In addition, students participate in the “Plant the Promise” project. Students plant red tulip bulbs in front of each school and at various youth-serving agencies and businesses in the community to represent the students' promise to being drug-free and the commitment among adults in the community to support our young people’s decisions to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Social Skill Groups: Students who have been referred through our Student Assistance Program may join an early intervention group, facilitated by a prevention specialist from the Butler County Alcohol and Chemical Abuse Council. Topics covered in these groups include peer influence, self-esteem, respect, coping skills, stress management, family relations, and school responsibility. 

Tobacco Education Class: A prevention specialist from the Butler County Alcohol and Chemical Abuse Council facilitates classes at the high school for students who have violated the district tobacco policy. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters: Talawanda School District works closely with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program to provide mentoring for students by providing on-site, after school programs. 

Parent Programs 

Know!: A program of the Drug-Free Action Alliance, bi-monthly tips are mailed to parents of middle school students to aid parents in talking to their children about substance use. 

Parents Who Host Lose the Most: A program of the Drug Free Action Alliance and in partnership with the Coalition for a Healthy Community, this educational campaign shares the message that it is unsafe, unhealthy, and unacceptable for a parent to provide alcohol to teenagers. 

Parent Initiative Team: This group of Talawanda High School parents is committed to supporting our district’s prevention efforts for our students by overseeing and coordinating safe, drug-free programming for all high school students. 

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