Early Entrance

Kindergarten has changed! It is now an academically rigorous program that stresses language arts and math, as well as social and emotional development.

  • Talawanda Schools requires that children entering kindergarten must be five by September 30th of their kindergarten year. Occasionally, exceptions to this policy are granted for children whose potential and skills are in the very superior range, and who reside in the Talawanda school district. Talawanda Schools has specific criteria and procedures for considering parents requests for early entrance.
  • The decision for a child to enter school early can have a profound effect on his or her academic and social performance for the remainder of the child’s school career. Since early entrance is equivalent to grade acceleration and because Talawanda Schools takes this decision very seriously, the standards for early entry are very rigorous. The goal is to ensure that children are not frustrated by the challenges of the kindergarten program and the effect that early placement has on years to come.
  • Parents interested in early entrance should pick up a packet from their home school office. The early entrance application should be filled out and returned to the gifted coordinator in the district. These are due to the school office by June 16th of the summer before the requested school year.



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