E-rate 2017

470 Request for Proposals

Category One Services

None for Funding Year 2017

Category Two Services

Wireless Access Points (posted: 2/2/2017)

470 Questions and Answers

1. MobileTec Services

 Question: I noticed that you have a 470 out for Aerohive.  We are Aerohive partners and would be able to get a bid to you on this.  So do you use the VM licenses or HMOL?

 Answer: We are using the VM Licenses and we are currently running version 6 of the HiveManager.

2. Fortinet

Question: Is this project to add to/expand on an existing wireless infrastructure of access points or to replace?

Answer: This is a replacement plan.  We are wanting to update older Aerohive devices and also non-aerohive devices.

3. Forward Edge

Question: Are you interested in multiple years of support? They offer 3yr and 5yr, and it can definitely save some money in the long run.

Answer: The district is looking for a 3 year license support with this quote.

Question: When were you hoping to have proposals by?

Answer: Quotes will not be reviewed before March 3, 2017



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