Board Members

Mark Butterfield ('19)
mbutterfield [at] 
5122 Oxford-Milford Road
Oxford, Ohio 45056

  • Lifetime resident of Milford Township

  • Elected to the Board of Education November 2003

  • 1990 Talawanda Graduate

  • Wife, Nicole, and two children

  • Vice President, Engineering, Manufacturing- Magnode Corporation

  • Corporate Officer, Magnode Corporation

  • Currently represents approximately 223 companies internationally through a Chicago based council

  • President & Co-founder of an Oxford based company (employing 16 local staff)

  • Trustee, Butterfield Farms

Mike Crowder ('19)
Vice President
crowdemw [at]
2109 Dana Drive
Oxford, Ohio 45056

  • Elected to the Board 2007

  • Resident of Oxford

  • Wife, Debbie, and three children

  • With Jeff Winlsow, co-founder of Miami-Talawanda Science Week

  • Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Chair of the Chemistry Department at Miami University

  • Academic Liaison for TSD

Chris Otto ('19) 
chrisotto9 [at]
505 Glenview Dr.
Oxford, Ohio 45056 
(513) 529-6536

  • 27 year resident of Oxford

  • Resides in the City of Oxford

  • Wife Lisa, and four grown children, all THS graduates

  • Licensed School Treasurer

  • Senior Director of University Advancement Finance & Business Services

Mary J. Roberts ('17)
mjroberts [at]
6479 Contreras Road
Oxford, Ohio 45056

  • Elected to the Board 2009

  • Resident of Talawanda School District over 40 years

  • One daughter, two sons- all THS graduates

  • Grandchildren attend Talawanda schools

  • Educator since 1968- taught from preschool level to graduate level at MU

  • Special Education teacher, Title I teacher, principal in Talawanda School System

  • Retired- now a private consultant working as a curriculum specialist

  • Very active in the community-  Member of the Trustees of the Presbyterian Church, President of the Cemetery Board, Member of Kiwanis, Citizen of the Year 2009

  • Academic and Legislative Liaison for TSD


Lois Vollmer ('17)
loisvollmer [at]
5024 Garver-Elliott Road
Oxford, Ohio 45056

  • Elected to the Board 2007

  • Resident of Reily Township

  • 1967 Reily High School graduate

  • Current Talawanda Board Rep to Butler Technology Board

  • Husband, Bill, former member of the Board of Education

  • 3 children all THS graduates, and 5 grandchildren attending Talawanda Schools

  • Many years as a local daycare provider

  • Member of the Reily Township Zoning Board



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