Board of Education Goals

Talawanda Board of Education Goals for 2016

1.  School Safety:  The safety of our students and staff is the #1 priority of the school district.

2.  Financial Stability:  To maintain fiscal responsibility, and stay off the ballot until 2020 (and beyond).

3.  Strategic Plan Year 2: To continue the focus in the areas of Teaching & Learning with the K-12 Technology Plan, continue to build relationships in the district and bring programs that support positive school climate, and to continue to improve communication through targeted communication strategies and a variety of communication tools.

4.  New Kramer:  To build a new Kramer Elementary with a focus on building a high quality facility, within budget, and the proposed construction timeline.

5.  Talawanda Athletics:  To renew the focus and support to the district athletic programs to encourage sustainability of staff and support performance of our athletic programs.

6.  New Opportunities:  The Board of Education is committed to investigating and vetting any new opportunity brought to the district that would improve our school system.

Please look for progress updates in the future regarding the 2016 Board of Education Goals!



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