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  • TSD LEGO Teams Share Projects with Families!
  • TSD Participates in Forum Led by Mike DeWine- on Drug Use Prevention Education
  • TSD Leaders with Bernadine Kennedy Kent (District 25)
  • Kramer- Valentine's Day
  • Valentine Fun at Kramer


  • Students from four Talawanda First LEGO League teams shared their season with the families and the community during a community showcase.

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  • TSD is a leader across the state of Ohio in drug use prevention education!  Mrs. Spivey and Mrs. Macechko traveled to Columbus, OH this week to participate in Mike DeWine's (Attorney General) forum on this subject!

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  • Dr. Roberts and Mr. Davis with State Representative Bernadine Kennedy Kent discussing the potential negative impacts of the new Kasich Biennial Budget on school districts of large land mass like TSD.

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  • Students showing Mr. Merz some love on Valentine's Day.  Happy Valentine's Day.

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  • Students in Mrs. Fitzgerald's class enjoyed their, "mustache" valentine cards.

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    Mrs. Fitzgerald's Class- Valentine Fun


Talawanda EMPOWERS Every Learner Every Day


Talawanda will be a collaborative, flexible, inviting community where innovation guides learning inside and outside of the school walls.

Report Card Information

  • Achievement= C Rating
  • Overall Progress= B Rating
  • Graduation Rate= A Rating
  • Performance Index= C Rating
  • K-3 Literacy = C Rating
  • Prepared for Success= C Rating
  • Scored above the State and National Average on the ACT



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