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  • Happy Earth Day from Mr. Farmer's Room
  • Teacher of the Year Nominees
  • Cathy Johnson- Talawanda Teacher of the Year!
  • Kramer Destination Imagination
  • Kramer Wax Museum


  • Happy Earth Day from Mr. Farmer's room.

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    Earth Day in Mr. Farmer's Room
  • Left to right-

    Lynne Mattox, Cathy Johnson (winner), Joanne Williamson, Scott Dennis, Stephanie Aerni

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  • Cathy Johnson- Talawanda Teacher of Year for 2015!

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  • Ohio Region XIV Tournament on March 14 qualified 15 area teams to compete in the 2015 Ohio State Tournament at three competition Levels in 6 different Main Challenges.  

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  • Kramer Wax Museum- Subject- Underground Railroad

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Talawanda EMPOWERS Every Learner Every Day


Talawanda will be a collaborative, flexible, inviting community where innovation guides learning inside and outside of the school walls.

Report Card Information

  • Indicators Met: Achieved 23 out of 24 indicators = A Rating
  • Performance Index: 102.4 out of 120 = B Rating
  • Gap Closing: (subgroup performance compared to all) = B Rating
  • Overall Progress: (value added) = A Rating
  • Four Year Graduation Rate: 96.5% = A Rating
  • 2nd in Butler County on the Third Grade Reading and Math Test
  • 1st in Butler County in Fourth Grade Reading
  • Recently Rated 11th in SAT scores in the Cincinnati Region
  • Scored above the State and National Average on the ACT



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